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Kat White BSW

Food & Body Image Coach

Helping you find lasting peace with food & your body.

Do you wish you could finally find peace with food & your body but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have been struggling for way too long despite countless attempts?

Me too, I have been there and I know what that feels like. I have spent a LOT of time in that space.

But what exactly does peace with food & your body look like? What does it mean to achieve this?

What I know for sure is that once we decide to take care of ourselves every day, even in the smallest of ways, we can start to move closer to feeling peace.  Part of self care is allowing ourselves to feel our emotions. We need to become better feelers so that we can heal. Ignoring, suppressing, numbing or avoiding our emotions will only keep us feeling stuck.

Freedom from obsessive thoughts and feeling anxious about food & our body is attainable but we MUST start from a place of love & compassion or at the very least neutrality. This does not mean ignoring the darker parts of ourselves but rather learning how to be at peace with ALL parts of our self, including the dark parts. I can promise you it is NOT you that is broken but rather the diet culture we live in.

I know you may think all you need is more discipline and will power or if the diet worked last time that you can do it again. You tell yourself THIS time it’s going to happen. THIS time it’s going to work. But the thing is, you can only handle the rules and restriction for so long before you end up in self-sabotage. Self-sabotage leads to beating yourself up every step of the way until you can't stand it any longer and find yourself beginning the cycle ALL OVER AGAIN.

What we need to understand is that the relationship to food and our body is a direct result of the relationship we have with ourselves and our emotionality. It’s so NOT about willpower or changing the behaviours but rather seeing those behaviours as the surface of a MUCH DEEPER ISSUE. 


Do you wake up and the first thing you think about is how unhappy you are with your body? Maybe pinch your belly in disgust? Do the obsessive thoughts about food, exercise, self deprecation and all the ways you are going to change starting running through your brain? How does that feel?


Now imagine waking up feeling at peace with food and your body, happy to be alive and excited to start your day. What would THAT feel like? How is that even possible?


When we can be lovingly curious, allow ourselves to feel and get to the REAL cause of our suffering we can begin to heal. When we heal we can start to feel more peace with food and our body. The better we are at feeling, the better we are at healing.

I can promise you that once you decide to go internal, discover all the different parts of yourself and commit to doing the work you can start to heal one step at a time. You can come home to your body and reclaim who you really are. You can develop REAL self trust and self love. You no longer feel out of control around food. You can let go of the restriction and binge eating. You can release the obsessive thoughts and at last be at peace with food, your body and REALLY start living your BEST life.

Make the decision to commit to yourself NOW. Not next year. Not next month. Not tomorrow. Do it right here, right now. The decision is yours. You were meant to be free and at peace and you don't have to do it alone.


Don't let this year be another year of misery and struggle. Don't let Diet Culture steal another year from you. Instead commit to REAL self care. What are you waiting for?


My Story


After years of struggling with food and body image issues I committed to my own self-discovery and healing. This eventually led to pursuing my passion of becoming a coach.


I completed my 10 month, 400 hour, intensive Hungry for Happiness training program and became a Certified Food & Body Image Coach in November 2019. I am currently working on becoming a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor.


With my education and work experience in Social Work, Coaching, Disability & Health Care combined with my own personal history, I have made it my mission to help others who have struggled as I have so they too can find lasting peace with food and their body and finally start living their best life!


Work with Me 

I help fitness lovers find peace with food and their body

The Path to Peace 1:1 Coaching

On the Path to Peace I guide you to:

  • go beyond focusing on food/behaviours & uncover the truth of your food & body struggles

  • learn how to reconnect with your body and intuition

  • learn how to work with your emotionality so you no longer need to use food to numb your emotions

  • take action leading to sustainable change through your own healing

I will hold a safe, judgement-free space for you to show up exactly as you are so that you can feel free to go deep into your emotionality within the most supportive environment.

Are you ready to:

  • ditch the obsessive thoughts and feeling miserable about your body?

  • wake up feeling happy to be alive, at peace with your body and excited to start your day?

  • dig into your darkness and light your way to peace ending the battle with food and your body?

If so please fill out my coaching application or book a free discovery call with me so that we can discuss together how you can benefit from the Path to Peace!

  • ready to ditch the diet & go deeper but not sure how

  • curious about or tried intuitive eating but still struggling

  • ready for a journey of self exploration and committed to doing the work even when it’s tough

  • curious about emotionality but not sure what it means

  • looking for true, lasting & sustainable peace with food & body image

  • ready to stop focusing on the external & go internal

  • willing to look at your darker parts even though you are fearful

  • ready to come home to your body & start living your best life

Who is The Path to Peace NOT for?
The person who:
  • thinks they just need more willpower

  • wants to focus only on food & behaviours

  • wants a meal or exercise plan & is focused ONLY on weight loss

  • is not willing to be open or curious

  • is not open or willing to try meditation

  • does not see a coaching relationship as a 50/50 partnership

  • is looking for their next guru or to be saved

What does the Path to Peace involve?

All of the following:

  • A minimum 3 month commitment (12 weekly sessions)

  • A weekly 50-60 minute coaching call either in person at my home or online via Zoom

  • Access to me for support between sessions via email or voice chatting (FB Messenger or Voxer) to which I will respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday

  • Weekly integrative homework assignments & embodiment practices

  • Tools, frameworks & guided meditations to help you build emotional intelligence & intimacy

Each session is individualized where I meet you wherever you are at & together we go with the flow based on what is present in each session. This intuitive approach will cover many different topics and concepts. This is not a cookie-cutter approach. We will co-create your new path to lasting peace!



3 Month Minimum with 12 weekly sessions

$124.75/session ($499/month)


Discounted at $118.75/session if paid in full up front at $1425

The path to sustainable peace takes time and commitment each and every day. While you may take giant leaps on your Path to Peace, it is not a requirement and in fact the majority of this work is done in small, digestible and achievable steps every single day.

My goal with coaching is not to create a dependency model but rather guide you back to yourself so that you become your own self healer and expert. I will never claim to know more than you (that’s not even possible) but this work does take time. 

I want you to feel that working with me is a HELL YES WITHOUT unnecessary pressure or coercion. This partnership NEEDS to be consensual for us both.

I am also offering a Taster Bundle of 3 sessions that will need to be used within a 3 month period from the time of the first payment for a total of $449 (discounted at $399 if paid in full up front ).

To inquire further please email me, fill out my coaching application or book a free discovery call found in the contact section.

All prices listed in Canadian Dollars not including GST.


Free Meditation

Try my FREE 10 min Emotionality Meditation to learn how to come back to your body & start feeling again!

Christmas Cookies
5 Steps to Beat the Holiday Binge

Do you struggle with food over the holidays? If so my FREE 5 Steps to Beat the Holiday Binge will help you get on your Path to Peace over the holidays.

Make the next holiday season your best one yet and for years to come!


My Social

Client Testimonials

"Kat was so easy to talk to, she created a very comfortable environment where I was able to confide in her without feeling judged."

~ Fariba

"Working with Kat I was able to really dive into looking at my body image, create space for myself to heal and work on loving my body as it is. She was patient and listened while allowing my journey to continue"

~ Andrea

"Kat had a tremendous impact on me and my life. She was able to ask the right questions and apply coaching techniques that worked like a charm. I was able to reconnect to my "little self" and realized the importance of my underlying beliefs. I can't stress enough how much it changed my approach in everything I do right now."

~ Dina S.